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Circuit Award Criteria

I. Performance Awards

  • A. Criteria

    • All performance awards are based on age graded scores.
    • Age is the runner’s age on the date of the race.
    • Seven circuit races minimum are required to qualify for all performance awards. The best 7 are used to calculate the average age grade and for most improved calculations.
    • Most improved is based on the age graded score average from the previous year compared to the current year for runners with at least 7 races in both years. For new members and those with less than 7 races in the previous year, the first 3 races from the current year will be compared to the last 3 of the current year.
  • B. Awards

    • Top overall male and female age graded score (not eligible for other age graded performance awards).
    • 1st age graded score in each age group female and male. Your age on June 30th determines your age group.
    • The next (up to 10) best age graded scores (depending on the number of runners qualified with 7 races). The additional up to 10 will be regardless of age group or gender.
    • Top 3 female and top 3 males overall most improved age graded scores.

II. Participation Awards

  • A. Criteria

    • Awards based on number of circuit races completed.
  • B. Awards

    • Special recognition prizes to the 5 to 10 runners with the most races run. The number of awards depends on where the breaks in race counts occur and ties.
    • Recognition of all runners that ran 5 or more races.
    • Random drawing based on one ticket per race run for about 3 high value prizes. Must be present to win.

The process of determining the award winners and acquiring prizes will be managed by the Race Circuit Results Team. If you have questions, please contact Jon Burmeister ( or any other Race Circuit Results Team member.