Fox River Trail Runners - P.O. Box 371, Geneva, IL 60134

Group Runs

Saturday and Sunday Group Runs Are Back!

Now that Illinois has moved to Phase Four of our return to normal, the FRTR have been working to resume our Group Run schedule.

This plan was put together after careful consideration and review of guidelines set forth by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA). These guidelines are there for everyone’s safety and must be adhered to.

You must sign up each week for a spot in the weekly group run.

Group runs start at the Fabyan Windmill, 1500 Crissey Ave/IL Route 25, Geneva, IL.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any one of us.

We want to remind everyone that we need to exercise caution as we try to return our club to these types of in-person activities. While none of us wants to admit it, COVID-19 is still out there and can strike anyone at any time.

1. SIGN UP: You must sign up each week for a spot in each weekly group run, which will take place at 6:30 am on Saturday and 7:00 am on Sunday. Registration will open the Sunday before the run and close the morning of the run (at 6 am for a Saturday run and 6:30 am for a Sunday run). There will be limited in person sign up on the morning of the run. You will want to arrive by 6:15 am (Sat) or 6:45 am (Sun) or earlier to allow time for check in, signing waiver and directions.

I want to sign-up for the Saturday Morning Group Run

I want to sign-up for the Sunday Morning Group Run

2. ARRIVAL – CHECK IN: You must check in with an FRTR volunteer. You will be directed to a staging location for your pace group. Pace groups will be appropriately sized to maintain proper social distancing while running. We will not have set pacers leading the groups. We ask for each group to maintain their particular pace. Please also remember to maintain social distancing and refrain from physical contact when not running as well (e.g., no hand shakes, high-fives, hugs, partner stretching, etc.).

3. DISTANCING. Everyone must adhere to Social Distancing when running in groups. Please review the guidelines which RRCA and CARA have set forth as FRTR will be following these suggested rules.

4. READY TO RUN. A FRTR Volunteer will provide instructions on running safely and distancing guidelines. The volunteer will release each pace group to start running. The groups will be set off at least one minute apart. If you have any questions about weekly mileage, ask a coach or volunteer. FET Participants, please consult your training lead email sent on Fridays or mileage communicated directly from your coach. Be sure to maintain distance on the path and within your groups.

5. HYDRATION. We recommend you carry your own water for the trail. On Saturdays, there will be one (1) hydration stop consisting of water and Gatorade at the Windmill. This stop will be manned at all times. Please note that only an FRTR Volunteer is able to dispense hydration to participants. Cups will be single use only and do not attempt to refill them. And, maintain social distance when waiting for hydration. Plan your route accordingly to circle back for hydration. We will not provide hydration for Sunday runs.

6. CHECK FOR SYMPTOMS. If you are not feeling well prior to the run, have a temperature over 100.4, experiencing coughing, aching, etc., we ask you not attend. If you have been in contact with any person testing positive for COVID-19, follow the Illinois state health guidelines and do not attend for at least 14 days.

7. POST RUN. After the run, we ask runners not to congregate at the Windmill. If you are stretching and/or cooling down, please continue to maintain social distancing.

8. RUN FOR FUN. Above all, make sure to have fun! We at FRTR understand these are unprecedented times and we are trying to get ourselves and our club back to a bit of normalcy. This will be a little different, but we are very excited to be able to hold group runs. See you at the Windmill!