Fox River Trail Runners - P.O. Box 371, Geneva, IL 60134

Great Western Half Marathon

Point to Point RRCA Championship Event on the Great Western Trail

May 7, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.
Sycamore, IL to St Charles, IL

The Fox River Trail Runners thanks everyone who came out for the 20th annual Great Western Half Marathon! If you enjoyed the race, you’ll really enjoy our club. Join us; we’d love to run with you again!

A special thank you to our sponsors

Goostree Law Group

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Results are in! Check your time and your photos!

Course Records

Sex Name City Time Year
Male Chris Wehrman Chicago 01:10:42 2005
Female Dorothy Gach Morton Grove 01:23:23 2005
Age Name City Time Year
M00-14 Stephan Jurgens Batavia 01:30:04 2005
M15-19 Stephan Jurgens Batavia 01:13:29 2010
M20-24 Brad Holehan Aurora 01:12:50 2010
M25-29 Chris Wehrman Chicago 01:10:42 2005
M30-34 Nathan McPherson Elmhurst 01:15:11 2015
M35-39 David McCollam Sycamore 01:11:32 2017
M40-44 Mark Konicek W Dundee 01:15:35 2006
M45-49 John Collet Verona 01:17:44 2014
M50-54 Sam Cortes Orland Park 01:19:51 2005
M55-59 Sam Cortes Orland Park 01:19:23 2006
M60-64 Bob Walsh Crystal Lake 01:29:14 2006
M65-69 Luis Hinojosa Elgin 01:35:46 2015
M70-74 Bob Pates Chicago 01:46:42 2005
M75-79 Dick Lamermayer Aurora 02:14:51 2006
M80-84 Bob McKeague Villa Park 01:52:56 2006
Age Name City Time Year
F00-14 Allison Tippett St. Charles 01:52:46 2015
F15-19 Kelly Patchett Streamwood 01:40:16 2010
F20-24 Meaghan Ciochon Elgin 01:27:38 2015
F25-29 Jennifer Sagat Chicago 01:30:29 2010
F30-34 Dorothy Gach Morton Grove 01:23:23 2005
F35-39 Michele Idstein Crystal Lake 01:31:32 2006
F40-44 Kristy Howland Elmhurst 01:31:42 2006
F45-49 Elena Shemyakin Geneva 01:30:47 2007
F50-54 Elena Shemyakin Geneva 01:28:05 2014
F55-59 Susan Croll Marengo 01:36:20 2005
F60-64 Isola Metz Wheaton 01:51:43 2009
F65-69 Doris Schertz Lombard 01:57:32 2006
F70-74 Barbara Kummerer River Forest 02:43:03 2006
F80-84 SR Kathlene McDonough Evanston 02:58:40 2005


Previous Results and Photos

Great Western Half Marathon Photos
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Pre-2005 Results and Photos

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Half Marathon Course

Course is USATF Certified. The race is run on the scenic Great Western Trail, which is mostly flat, consisting of asphalt and crushed limestone screenings.

Great Western Half Marathon Course

Great Western Half Marathon Course

Click the map above for an interactive view of the Great Western Half Marathon course. Grab the map interior and move in any direction to see the entire course.

Great Western Half Marathon


They're off for the Great Western Half Marathon

Crossing the La Fox Bridge during the Great Western Half Marathon