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Summer Sunset 5K & Youth Races

July 15 through 29, 2020

About the Event – 23rd Annual – This Year is Different!

The Summer Sunset 5K and Youth 1 Mile events are hosted by the Fox River Trail Runners to raise funds for the FRTR Youth Scholarship Fund and local charities. Since the scholarship fund inception, we have given out numerous scholarships annually. This year, our largest year yet, we will be handing out 20 scholarships to local youth who have demonstrated great academics, volunteering in their communities and of course their love for all things running! We ask, if you are able, to continue to support this cause and give a donation above the entrance fee for the race.

Race Results

How Does A Virtual Race Work?

It’s really easy! Here are the basics…

  • Run anytime between July 15 and July 29, 2020.
  • Choose your own course
  • Track your own time
  • Post your Results
  • Get your neck buff swag (in traditional Summer Sunset Tie-Dye)
  • Most importantly… have fun and enjoy the time outside!

Okay, we realize you probably need a little more detail. Totally get it. Here are some more specific steps for you to have a successful virtual race:

Time Tracking

1. Download the ASICS Runkeeper™ app to your phone and create an account or scroll down to log into an existing account
2. Follow this link and click “Start Virtual Run” button to add the 2020 Virtual Summer Sunset 5K & 1 Mile to your in-app virtual events
3. To record your run between July 15 and July 29, simply click the flag icon in your app, select the 2020 Virtual Summer Sunset 5K & 1 Mile and follow prompts to start recording

Once you have completed your 5k distance in the app, save your workout and it will automatically post to Race Roster results.

Viewing and Posting Your Time and Results

If you plan to record using another software or tracking device or post manually from what is recorded on your watch, simply head here and “Submit Virtual Result” between July 15 and July 29, 2020.


  • To record with tracking on the ASICS Runkeeper™ app, you will need to run or walk with your phone or with a connected wearable (see instructions below)
  • You do not have to track with these technologies, it is optional!
  • More detailed end-to-end instructions (with images) for using the ASICS Runkeeper™ app to track your virtual event are linked here
  • Instructions to link a recent activity recorded on a FitBit, Garmin, or Apple Watch linked here
  • Steps to connect your FitBit, Garmin, or Apple Watch to the Runkeeper™ app are linked here
  • Steps to manually post your results on Race Roster (not using the app) are linked here

If you have any technical questions, please reply to this email and the Race Roster team will support you. Take pictures out there! get creative with your finish line – share your images and stories with us in the FRTR Facebook group and tag us on social!

2020 Summer Sunset neck buff swag

New Swag!

We have new swag this year! All participants will receive this awesome Tie Dye Neck Buff! All swag will be picked up at Geneva Running Outfitters late July! Details on how to get your swag will come out at a later date via email and be sure to check back on our Facebook page!

Location and Directions

It’s up to you! As a virtual race, you are free to run the distance at a location of your choice. Want to run it on a treadmill? Fine by us! What about along the river on the Fox River Trail? Sounds shady! Can I run the usual route for the course? Yes, but watch out for the cars and remember there will be no support.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information contact us via e-mail at




Course Records

Summer Sunset 5K Age Group Records
Male Runners Female Runners
0-14 16:53 Lukas Verzbikas (2007) 0-14 19:00 Daphne Kolody (2014)
15-19 15:28 Andrew McQuillan (2003) 15-19 17:49 Farah Jadran (2003)
20-24 14:53 Dan Huling (2004) 20-24 17:30 Marlene Key (2005)
25-29 15:10 Joe Parks (2005) 25-29 18:26 Jennifer Parks (2005)
30-34 15:26 Emisael Favela (2010) 30-34 18:46 Kelly Kaminski (2002)
35-39 15:05 Charlie Kern (2005) 35-39 19:03 Louise Seliger (2001)
40-44 16:14 Todd Moxley (2008) 40-44 18:08 Christen Meyer (2005)
45-49 16:05 Ron Piro (2002) 45-49 18:57 Christine Lipa (2005)
50-54 16:28 Ron Piro (2005) 50-54 19:21 Elena Shemyakin (2009)
55-59 17:56 Rick Stetson (2003) 55-59 19:02 Elena Shemyakin (2014)
60-64 17:42 Rick Stetson (2004) 60-64 23:50 Jeanne Raynett (2003)
65-69 21:27 Warren Moulds (2001) 65-69 25:35 Jeanne Raynett (2007)
70-99 22:32 Warren Moulds (2004) 70-99 27:02 Lois Gilmore (2005)
Jamie LaForce Youth Mile Age Group Records
Boys Girls
0-7 6:30 Joaquin Miranda (2011) 0-7 6:18 Diane Lipa (2006)
8-9 5:37 Jack James (2010) 8-9 5:55 Natalya Schleebs (2004)
10-12 5:20 Quinn Farley (2007) 10-12 5:49 Noelle Junig (2018)


Summer Sunset 5K YM
2020 Overall Overall
2019 Overall Overall
2018 Overall Overall
2017 Overall Overall
2016 Overall Overall
2015 Overall Overall
2014 Overall Overall
2013 Overall Overall
2012 Cancelled Cancelled
2011 Age Group Age Group
Overall Overall
2010 Age Group Age Group
Overall Overall
2009 Age Group Age Group
Overall Overall
2008 Age Group Age Group
2007 Age Group Age Group
2006 Age Group Age Group
2005 Age Group Age Group
2004 Age Group Age Group
2003 Age Group Age Group
2001 Age Group Age Group
2000 Age Group
1999 Age Group
1998 Age Group


VSS Matt Dula Photographs 2010

23rd Summer Sunset 5K and Youth Race



Given the economic impact of the COVID pandemic, we didn’t feel right asking for sponsor support this year. Instead, we want to re-thank all the friends and organizations who have supported us in the past. Please support these companies!

Ginsberg Chiropractic
Families on the Fox
Goldfish Swim School
Nancy's Pizza


Brinks in Time - A Novel Series

Detour - The Right Protein
Elite Performance Institute
Geneva Fit
Hammer and Stain


Orange Theory Fitness