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Fall Endurance Training – It’s ON!

Fall Endurance Training

Fall Endurance Training

Train for a Fall Full or Half Marathon!

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We have built our training plans for 2022 to provide a better balance of miles, intensity, and recovery.

We offer three plans for both the half (11 week) and full marathon (18 week) runners. Whether this is your first, fifth or fifteenth event we have a plan for you. Our flexible plans are based upon YOUR race.

You’ll be assigned to one of our coaches who will help guide you to your goals. Our coaches are certified by the RRCA (Road Runners Club of America).

Our plans are electronic via Final Surge . You can view your plan on virtually any Internet connected device. Easily update actual runs versus planned runs to see your progress.

We have group runs three days per week:

Saturday group run includes multiple pace groups and hydration stops (worth the cost alone!)

Training Schedules for each of this Fall’s Big Races

Our flexible training plans can be adjusted for any fall full or half marathon. You may join our group runs at any time; however, the “official” start dates for training for each of the primary races are:

  • Fox Valley Marathon: Training starts Monday, May 16th, first Long Run Saturday, May 21st
  • Bank of America Chicago Marathon: Training starts Monday, June 6th, first Long Run Saturday, June 11th
  • Fox Valley Half-Marathon: Training starts Monday, June 27th, first Long Run Saturday, July 2nd
  • Naperville Half-Marathon: Training starts Monday, August 1st, first Long Run Saturday, August 6th
  • Don’t see your race and dates? Tell us your race and we’ll customize your plan.

Training Plans for All Levels of Experience

We offer THREE different plans for both the marathon and half marathon (you select the plan you want during registration).

  • “Blue” Beginner Plan:  For the marathon you should be running about 18-20 miles per week with a long run of at least 6 miles. For the half marathon you should have a long run of at least 4 miles and be running at least 3-4 days per week. In general you will select Blue if you are new to the distance, however if you have other racing experience and the mileage base, consider an Orange or Purple Plan.
  • “Orange” Intermediate Plan: For the marathon you should be running 20-30 miles per week with a long run of at least 8 miles and 20-25 miles per week with a long run of at least 6 miles for the half marathon. These plans will mostly involve running 4 days/week but may have some instances of an additional recommended 5th run in some peak weeks.
  • “Purple” Advanced Plan:  This plan is meant for people running 30+ miles per week with a long run of at least 10 miles for either a half or full marathon.  Your current weekly mileage may be slightly lower for the half marathon.  In both cases you are either experienced racing that distance or otherwise have more endurance racing experience. The Purple plans are 5 days a week of running.

Suggested Experience

In order to enhance your opportunity for success, we strongly encourage you to have an adequate training base in place before entering the program. We recommend the following:


  • You have been running consistently for at least one year
  • You are running at least 18 miles per week on a regular basis
  • You have completed one run of 6 miles or more within the previous month

Half Marathoners

  • Running at any pace two to three days a week (see starting mileage above)
  • You have completed one run of 4 miles or more within the previous month


We offer great value for your training dollar! Sign Up Now!

FRTR Members Non-Members
Full Marathon $69 $79
Half Marathon $49 $59

Not a member? (Wha?!?!) Join the FRTR and save your dough for some new gear for your big race!

For More Information

For more information about the program, contact our Training Coordinator.

What people are saying:

Thank you so much for your encouragement, patience, and coaching throughout the training season. Last year I trained alone and was jealous of those lucky runners on the trail that had water. I joined FRTR Marathon Training for the water stops, but what I found was a group of great friends. No I take that back, I found an extended family on the trail. Thanks to the pace leaders that ran with us and for the care you showed when you circled back after a long run to encourage slow runners like me at the end. Thanks to all my friends for caring and encouraging me. — J.B., St. Charles

Thank so much to everyone for the outstanding training program, the words of encouragement, the weekly emails, the great conversation on the trail, the friendships developed, the folks who put out the water and Gatorade every week, the pacers and the overall fantastic experience! I trained by myself last year and didn’t meet anyone on my long runs – this year, I met some outstanding individuals and it was a pleasure running with you! — B.B., Elgin

I think not only is FRTR Marathon Training a great to join a running group. I think we have the most awesome running group imaginable!! Totally an answer to prayer for me. I never said I would run another marathon…..unless I had support for my long runs and a close trail. I got much more than I asked for. Thank you all so much! — J.S., St. Charles

I had a great race yesterday and I am truly happy to have finally “smashed” the 4 hour barrier. I am trying to focus on the fact that I met my goal and took 16 minutes!! off my PR. However, already there is this voice whispering – can I do better. Several factors contributed to this being a great day for me – the weather was obviously one, sticking to a basic plan and not going out “too” fast to avoid bonking was another – but – most important was the coaching both of you have given me over the past 20 some weeks. Your encouragement, training plan, track work outs and running tips played a tremendous part in my preparation. I have learned a great deal during this training period and I am grateful for all the help and time you have given me. I don’t think this would have been such a great day without you. — E.P., Batavia

Just want to let you know how much I appreciated your investment in our endeavor and in our well-being. Your advice, encouragement, and support were invaluable. Thanks also to all the pace group leaders. I may have run alone (and slower than anyone else) but I never felt isolated or unsupported. Thanks! — B.W., Geneva





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