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Meet Our Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

Cynthia Kimball
Coach Cynthia KimballCynthia Kimball is a Developmental Psychologist who just recently retired after close to 30 year of college teaching. While she retired primarily from grading, she continues supervising a research lab, mentoring students in qualitative research in Psychology. Transitioning from teaching to coaching seemed a natural progression! Cynthia has been a member of the FRTR group for several years and was coached by a former FRTR coach. She has run multiple marathons and half marathons in multiple states and qualified for Boston twice, running it several years ago. After Cynthia ‘coached’ her oldest granddaughter to run a 5K at 9 years old, she hooked on coaching. There is no greater joy than helping each runner reach his or her personal goals and aspirations!

Harish Pai
Coach Harish PaiHarish grew up in India and has been living in Chicagoland since the late 90s. He has a Bachelor of Engineering + an MBA and works in Tech for a major Bank. After years of living a sedentary lifestyle, Harish started running in 2012 inspired by his son who was in high school cross-country at that time. Since he started running, Harish has run 15 marathons and has qualified for Boston 5 times. He has been with the club for 4 years and just got his RRCA coaching certification. Harish strongly believes that all runners benefit from having a structured program and a supportive community. Harish looks forward to helping other runners achieve their goals.

Jose del Risco
Coach Jose del RiscoJose is an IT Project Manager and has been working in the field of IT for 27 years. He has a M.S in Computer Science from DePaul University and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from University of Chicago. He has been running now for 5 years but only recently started to run and be involved with the Fox River Trail Runners organization although knows many of the members through running many races with them. Jose has become RRCA Certified and has a passion for helping others through pacing and providing guidance. He is a natural teacher so coaching makes a lot of sense for Jose.

Kate Hauser
Coach Kate HauserKate is currently a middle school science teacher. She has her bachelors and masters degree in education and teaching ESL students. Kate has been running with FRTR since 2014, where Chicago was her first marathon.

Since then, she has gotten into trail and ultra running with her farthest distance so far being a 50 miler. Kate hopes to do more and farther in the future as she has grown to love the world of running and strength training. She is excited to use her RRCA coaching to help others gain more knowledge of running and reach their goals.

Nicole Devine
Coach Nicole DevineNicole Devine is a paralegal by day and country musician by night and was called “the singing paralegal” by country superstar Keith Urban after singing with him in October of 2018. Nicole has two dogs, Brantley, a beagle mix, and Miles, a border collie mix, who occasionally run with her. Nicole ran on her high school cross country team her junior and senior years at Conant High School and then took a bit of a break from running. She resumed her running career in 2012 with her first half marathon and then her first full in 2015 in Los Angeles. Nicole also has plans to run all fifty states. She has done 7 marathons so far, 6 states (Chicago twice). Nicole is also a triathlete and is currently training to compete in her first Ironman race at the 2020 Ironman Wisconsin. Nicole has been with FRTR since 2018, loves how much of a family it is and is excited to coach club members.

Ramie Mundy
Coach Ramie MundyRamie Mundy is currently a stay at home mom of two who has always been a runner. She started training for longer distances about seven years ago. In that time she has completed numerous 10k’s, half marathons and two full marathons. She enjoys learning all she can about running, fitness and nutrition.

In her free time, she loves reading, cooking, and hanging out with her family.

Ravi Sundara
Coach Ravi SundaraRavi is an attorney who specializes in representing nonprofit organizations. He grew up in Schaumburg and has been running since the 7th grade. Ravi competed in both cross-country and track for James B. Conant High School and also The University of Chicago, before going on to law school at Washington University in St. Louis. After spending nearly 26 years in St. Louis, he returned to the Chicagoland area in 2018. Ravi has run over 25 marathons and plans on doing many more. He is RRCA Level 1 Coach Certified and looks forward to helping others reach their training goals.

Regan Miers
Coach Regan MiersI started running at age 38 and ran my first marathon at age 40. I went from challenging myself to complete my first 5k, to setting a goal for one more mile and knocking it down. I found a passion within to set personal goals, train hard, complete first time distances and reach for new PR’s. I feel lucky to have found FRTR, a community of runners with the same ideals and focus. I’ve completed over 10 half marathons and 4 marathons. I hope to help others train and achieve their goals. I’m RRCA Level 1 Coach Certified.

Tom Rogal
Coach Tom RogalTom ran Cross Country for three years and Track for four at Ridgewood High School. Was part of a couple Regional and Sectional qualifying teams in 1998 and 1999 for Cross Country. Went to Northern Illinois University and graduated with Honors in Communications in the Media Studies (Film) and English. After a long break, returned to running nine years ago to improve his health but also to run with friends. Since then, has ran in three marathons, over fifteen half-marathons, and countless 5k’s, 10k’s, 4-milers, and 10-milers. Will be running his first 50k ultra in 2019 along with his 4th marathon.

Joined the Fox River Trail Runners in 2016 because it was an awesome club and already had so many friends who ran in it as well. Proudly served as president of the Fox River Trailer Runners from February 2018 to April 2019. Also is self-publishing a novel series called Brinks in Time in his spare time.

Previous Coaches

Ann Lunde
Coach Ann LundeIf you know Ann, you know she will show up in costume at themed races.

Ann has been running since 1975 and has witnessed many changes in the sport. The 10K was the most popular race in the 1970s and early 1980s. Ann ran her first half marathon in 1982 in San Diego. Because there were no chips, race times depended a lot on where you lined up at the start. Returning to running after an 8-year hiatus she has participated in numerous 5Ks and 10Ks and began running longer distances in the early 2000s, completing 2 marathons and over 70 half marathons. Ann led the Fox Valley Family YMCA boot camp for over 12 years and introduced running to the participants, many going on to becoming accomplished marathoners and ultrarunners. She formed a YMCA kids’ running group (Rocket Runners) and brought them to Geneva several times to run the Summer Sunset. Designing 10K-A-Day and Walk-to-Run programs were also projects of Ann. After moving to St. Charles 6 years ago, she joined Fox River Trail Runners and served on the FRTR Board as secretary (2016-2018).

All three of Ann’s sisters frequently run the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day in honor of their father who fought in WWII. One of her most memorable moments of running was pushing her disabled nephew in the Starved Rock Half Marathon a few years ago.

Besides running, Ann is a certified fitness instructor, certified indoor cycling instructor, and certified RRCA coach (10 years). In addition, she has taken college courses in exercise physiology. She believes in being well-rounded and has always combined running with biking and strength training. She has taught cycling classes for 15 years. Duathlons are a favorite activity of hers.

Ann frequently places in her age group, but has always put the beginner, slower runner first and insists on running with the back of the pack. No runner left behind could be her motto. Another memorable moment was finishing a Frank Lloyd Wright 10K last in order to stay with a struggling runner.

Ann graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, NE, with a degree in Biology and has worked in health care for 47 years. She has been an adjunct instructor at Waubonsee Community College and Joliet Junior College. She is blessed with her son (and his four boys) and her daughter (and her two girls). She is hoping to get at least one runner out of the bunch someday.

Bill Ott
Bill is a RRCA coach and partner with a local running specialty store. He holds a degree in Behavioral Science. In his six years of running he has completed five marathons, two of which were the Boston Marathon. Bill joined Fox River Trail Runners in 2015 because its a great club with super people and making good friends.

Denise Hatcher
Coach Denise HatcherDenise loves to run because it adds balance to her life. During the day she is a Spanish Professor at Aurora University and running allows her to think before or after a busy day of teaching. Usually I love to run with friends but sometimes it is nice to have a solo run and just think about how lucky I am to be able to put one foot in front of another and enjoy life and the beauty around me.

She earned her Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate from Northern Illinois University and fell in love with the Spanish language in seventh grade and knew she wanted to be a teacher since third grade.

As a Member of FRTR for the past four years, she became a RRCA coach because she wanted to help others to learn to enjoy running as much as she does and help others find balance in their busy lives. Running allows her time to think and compete. And, the feeling after a good run is awesome!

Denise ran the Boston Marathon in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Ran seven marathons in seven days. And in total ran 11 marathons and many more halves. She turned 50 in September 2017 and completed her first trail Ragnar the weekend after this milestone birthday. For her, being fifty means I have to show others that it is nifty.

Kelly Lauffer
Coach Kelly LaufferKelly is currently a stay at home mom to her 3 kids. Before that she was a middle school math teacher and curriculum leader, and also coached volleyball and basketball. Kelly joined Fox River Trail Runners in the Spring of 2018 after becoming an RRCA coach and wanting to be a part of a bigger organization to help others find the joy of running like she has. Kelly has been running marathons since 2001, and completed her 40th marathon and her 30th state in April 2019. She is working towards becoming a 50 state marathoner and is 60% of the way there. She has also run 3 of the World Majors (Chicago, New York and Boston) and plans to run Berlin in the fall of 2019. Running has transformed her life, both physically and personally through amazing relationships and she is passionate about helping others stretch themselves beyond what they thought possible.

Laura Julien
Coach Laura JulienLaura is a former middle school and high school runner who returned to running in 2011 when she registered for the Chicago Marathon as a “bucket list” item following her graduation from law school. The bucket list quickly turned into an obsession and she has since run seven marathons with three BQs and a personal best of 3:19:50 (hopefully to be broken in the near future).

Laura has been a member of FRTR since 2016 when she finally decided to overcome her fears to attend a group run. After meeting the amazing runners and seeing all the club had to offer, she decided to take the next step to become certified as an RRCA running coach. In addition to running, she also enjoys CrossFit.

In life outside of her running shoes, Laura is an attorney specializing in municipal and school law. She also has a very understanding spouse (who hasn’t had a non-running related vacation in years) a 2 year old daughter (who incidentally came into this world logging over 1400 miles and winning her first 10k in the stroller at 11 months of age).

Lynda Radman
Coach Lynda RadmanThe 2019 FET season will be Lynda’s 6th year running with FRTR and her 2nd year coaching. Previous to this, Lynda was not a runner and started her walk to run program on her own prior to joining FRTR. During Lynda’s time with FRTR, she has improved from a 12:00+ pace to her most recent accomplishment of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Lynda enjoys working with athletes to help them find their potential and reach goals they never thought possible.

Sheri Lubniewski
Coach Sheri LubniewskiSheri is currently a stay at home mom to her 2 young children. Prior to this position, she was a CPA working in the internal audit department at MF Global. Sheri received her Accountancy and Finance at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Sheri has been running with Fox River Trail Runners since Summer 2014. FRTR fall endurance training program paired with RRCA coaching helped her shave 91 minutes off of her 1st marathon PR in 2013. Since then Sheri has qualified for the Boston Marathon 3 times and the Chicago Marathon 4 times. Sheri is a RRCA Coach, has a passion for running and helping others achieve their personal bests.