ACCELERATORS running club

FRTR proudly sponsors the Accelerators Running Club.

Fox River Trail Runners is proud to sponsor and financially support the Accelerators youth running club.  The mission of the Accelerators Running Club is to motivate children to have the desire to be fit, to become leaders, and to build a sense of community through running and fitness.  Thank you to Keith Gollwitzer for volunteering his time and energy to keep this wonderful program moving forward. 

The Accelerators Running Club objectives are to help children develop:

  • fitness: improve physical conditioning through an individualized training program in coordination with technique advice;
  • self-discipline: setting goals and committing to a training program related to the sports of cross country, track and field, and/or road racing;
  • emotionally: provide children with the skills to celebrate accomplishments and cope with adversity both on the field of play and in their lives;
  • sportsmanship: learn how to be supportive of all runners; and
    socially: forming friendships with children from all over the area, being a member of the running community, and mentoring other runners.

Many Accelerators alumni have participated in Fox River Trail Runners events, as participants and volunteers, and many have been recipients of college scholarships from the Fox River Trail Runners Scholarship Program.